Changing Microsoft Default Apps

While Microsoft have done many good things with Windows 10 and the latest suite of Operating Systems, there are some annoying aspects of their control settings (and much debate).
Some technicians have the view that resetting the default applications (like browsers) each time there is an update is a bad thing - and others don't mind as much.

Groupsupport technicians can't change what Microsoft do, so have a simple trick to change the settings back easily.
In the browser address bar that you are viewing this post, copy and paste the following: ms-settings:defaultapps

This will prompt you to open the Settings Panel for Default apps

Where you can change your preferences to suit.

Of course if you have any problems with your IT, you can call Groupsupport on 08 9277 1768 any business day of the year - we're open and ready to help!

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