.. is described as the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result. Which makes "the result" the subject of any conversation.

What is your RESULT? Better profits, more visibility, better reporting, assured backups, efficiency or the ability to manage your business from Geordie Bay.

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  1. Maintenance
    Regular inspection of the server logs, event records and activity statistics can identify problems, prevent errors (data loss, equipment failure or system disconnection) which saves money and creates a better work environment. Good maintenance is the driving force behind obtaining the best performance from the hardware and software installed on site. For instance, event logs can reveal small problems and single incidents before they become impediments to business while Statistical analysis reveals when optimisation (disk, database or system revision / compaction) is required. In order to stay on top of these tedious lists, we offer a specialist service to compliment your existing personnel whether they be onsite or remote, technical or not. You (the client) have a choice about how far and what we do to help you maintain your servers, workstations, laptops and network devices. Ask us how..

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