Planning for lightspeed

In real estate it’s all about Location, Location , location. Well it’s a similar phrase for IT and that’s Planning, Planning, Planning.

A client migrated their remote office from a business ADSL connection (as it was WAY too slow) and opted for a fast Fibre link through the Telstra discount pricing recently on the market. It takes between 30 and 90 days to organise the Fibre to be onsite so planning was key to ensure no down time was experienced.  Technicians installed the fibre link to an Termination unit (like a big modem) but with 20-40 employees onsite 24 hours a day 7 days a week using the link to connect to the servers more than 40 km away it was important that any swap-over was kept at a minimum.

Preparation and testing complete, technicians from both sides had tested and checked everything.  A simple plan was organised for change-over day by choosing a time when minimal staff were onsite and the internet service provider was on the phone before change-over started (just in case).  With just this basic planning the downtime during the changeover was less than one minute.

Being such a major issue, most companies only change their internet when they move to a new location. Typically it takes 2 weeks for a new internet connection to be connected, assuming the phone line is there and ready to go. So if you are moving to new location then get started now on your internet connection and don’t move until you have been able to get onto the internet using a simple modem and a computer.

A problem can occur anytime, and it is almost guaranteed that if you decide to setup your internet the week you want to move there will be something going wrong.  The stress free way to relocate or change your internet service is to create a whole new connection with your ISP and cancel the old one after the move.

This simple plan will remove a whole mess of headaches as you discover how much your business needs the internet when it’s not there.

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