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Samsung Tables, Barcode Scanners & Power Supply issues.

Recently I was asked by a manufacturing company to help them implement a new “Job Tracking” system for their production department. In their current situation they had no way of tracking what stage a customer’s job was at in their manufacturing process. If a client was to ring and ask when their job would be ready, the staff member would have to walk out to the warehouse and physical see where the job was. This was very time consuming, and unproductive for the staff.

The Manger of the manufacturing company sourced a job tracking program from the UK that he was happy with. The new system would allow them to print a barcode sticker that could be attached to the current paperwork. Then, with the help of some Samsung tables and Barcode scanners they could track the jobs at the different stages. The main program runs on the admin computers, when the guys scan the job in at each station in the warehouse, using the tables and scanners, the admin/sale staff can see exactly what station the job is at and how far it still has to go before being completed.

We did hit an issue with getting the Samsung tablets to work in conjunction with the Barcode scanner and power supply at the same time. We had many devices delivered off the internet that stated they would do what we needed – charge and scan at the same time.
I visited many companies like JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, J-Car etc that gave me endless options and cables to try and make the system work, but all was to no avail. Nothing worked. They would only charge or scan, but not both at the same time.

We approached Groupsupport, sending them pictures of what equipment we had. We explained to Groupsupport what we needed and what we wanted the system to do and they had the perfect solution for us.

Now, all 6 work stations are working perfectly. The Samsung tables remain on charge at all times while also providing power and connectivity to the Barcode Scanners. Groupsupport put us in the right direction, no guessing, no experimenting, they had the right knowledge first time. Thank you guys!

Next time you want to do something new, be sure to talk to the team at GroupSupport first – making sure you don’t waste hours in the unproductive and frustrating search for solutions the experts can provide in minutes.

Ronni Hutchison – Systems that Work.

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