Ever considered employment with a hardworking but relaxed team of talented individuals? Being part of a close knit team means everyone contributes, each person is acknowledged equally and everyone (staff and clients) benefit.

Our team is vital
In order to be part of the Groupsupport team we need to have an idea of your passion and skills so that we achieve the best combination for our clients. We also need to be able to make sure you will fit within 1 or more of our existing teams so that their happiness - and productivity - are not impacted negatively (for example Grandstanding and proselytizing are expressly forbidden both in the office and on site). When submitting your application, please clearly outline your understanding of these concepts.

Skills and qualifications
Groupsupport are looking for staff with an eye on technology whilst having skills in the following areas: Hardware support, network design / administration, Database design / administration, sales, marketing, web development / maintenance, remote access / solutions, project and development work, reporting and analytical skills, phone answering and customer focused service. Staff need to be aware of standard industry tools for their specialities and be able to demonstrate either an awareness, or some familiarity, with those tools.

There are many qualifications and ways to gain experience in the technology industry - Groupsupport look for strengths in the following product lines / brands: IBM/Lenovo, Cisco, Draytek, HTML/ASP/PHP, Microsoft products and technical solutions, Ubiquiti, VMware, Kaspersky, Fortinet, Labtech and more. When submitting any details of these areas, please remember to include certificates, details of experience and referrals for verification.

Equal Opportunity also means effort
Groupsupport are an equal opportunity employer, taking each application on the basis of merit and fit - with no regard to gender, race or other personal aspect. We expect our team to be dressed ready to meet a range of clients without causing offence, which does mean that modesty and standard business attire are our benchmarks. We also require our staff to be able to clearly and effectively communicate in English (spoken) in person, on the phone and (written) in emails, technical documents and letters - other language skills are appreciated in the same way as any technical qualification.

If you feel like you could contribute and want to be part of the team - send your CV to our employment mailbox.  A coverletter clearly outlining how you can contribute to seek@ groupsupport com au is essential. We assess every application on merit and position availability, replying to every serious application individually.