Leadership Team

A business is more than the sum of its individuals, even when those individuals are experienced and knowledgeable in many aspects of the business.

Dal and Peter first met in in the late 90's while working for different employers in common fields. Perth being what it was at the time they repeatedly met, or had contact, with each other until in late 2004 there was a growing respect and a burgeoning friendship.

After a couple of major changes within the sector, Peter and Dal decided to join forces and start Groupsupport Pty Ltd in 2006 - offering integrated solutions for clients.  In 2019 Dal left to pursue other things.

With the help of some fantastic mentors, great clients, immense opportunities and smart innovations, Groupsupport has grown and stabilised into the medium size company you see today.

There are always plans to improve what we have, and like the ICT industry itself Groupsupport cannot rest on its laurels.  We are always looking for new opportunities, staff and contributing expertise to help us support our clients better.

Groupsupport offers reliable service at reasonable prices, keeping all aspects of your business IT operating within your budget.  Speak to one of our team today.

Peter Trenaman

Since 2019 Peter has been the Director - previously focusing on the Operating Systems, side of the business he now has the scope to oversee business processes, software, automation and Integration Services.   With more than 30 years of experience, there is not much that he hasn't seen ...

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