Laptops and portables

The concept of working when not in the office used to only apply to travelling salesmen - but no more. In order to reduce TCO, office space, to enhance local presence (with single occupant remote offices) and the lessen the inconvenience of commuter drag, businesses are allowing staff to be more mobile and / or remote. A vastly different skill set (from the standard IT provider) is required to manage and assist coordinate these setups.

Groupsupport specialise in remote hands-on support - across the world, inter-state and even within the same city our staff have a myriad of ways to connect to the end-user's screen to assist them getting back to full productivity with a minimum of effort. It doesn't matter whether the device is a phone, a mac, laptop, workstation, desktop, remote viewer, dumb terminal or a full on high-performance CAD platform .. it's all the same to us (we're OS agnostic).

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