Equipment Maintenance

Server, workstation and network equipment maintenance.

Just like a car - a server is a major investment needs maintenance.  Ss the core of your business its not just about the capital investment, but also about time and ongoing costs on the operational side.  Microsoft and other vendor updates can be completed automatically in almost all circumstances, however there are times when things won't work without some manual intervention.

Groupsupport staff are trained and experienced in all types of servers providing back end processing for a variety of solutions.  Email, file servers, web or SQL servers, Terminal / Remote servers whether they are virtualised (running on some type of cloud) or not.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin

And although other parts of your technology solution may not need as much attention, they all need a little love over time.  Switches and nodes need to be checked for heat build up, printers for toner and dust buildup, machines (PC's, laptops, workstations and servers) for noise and heat.  Cables need to be checked that they haven't been trampled, chewed or damaged - and that they are still plugged in where they are meant to!

All designed to make sure your machinery won't fail at some dreadfully inconvenient (or crucial) time.  And with some planning, cashflow can be more easily managed to accommodate the replacement cycle required for each item.

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