I was working for a Fencing & Gates company in Maddington for approximately 4 years, working closely with the two owners in a highly competitive market. After several years the company was struggling and the owners made the decision to stop trading. However, there was still a Commercial Lease in place on the premises and Work in Progress that needed to be competed.
As the business had been around for many years it was relatively well known. The owners were approached by a local business man that was looking to get a constant supplier for the Aluminum Slats that the business had been importing from overseas for many years. A deal was set between the two parties for the business to be taken over.
In September 2017 the new Owner took over the lease, the importing, sales and all the existing staff – and gave the business a new lease on life. With the new owners came many changes to the day to day operations and also a name change.
One of the first things to be overhauled was the IT/computer system including website and emails. Groupsupport came in and did a comprehensive mapping overview of the entire system. They got into every little detail and documented the existing system thoroughly. They took time to sit with each staff member to understand how the system needed to work best for us – conscious of the different skill level each of staff member had.
The office had multiple work stations, laptops, printers and accessories all running off a very old-style server with very out of date software. Being in the Maddington area internet was never all that good either. Trying to run and operate a business on poorly maintained equipment was challenging. Printers failing, computers shutting down and email not working was major time waster.
A new Server was installed and all computers were assessed and repairs carried out where necessary so that the new system ran a lot more efficiently. Even though the PC’s were old, new hardware was not required, saving loads on money, just updated software and general maintenance carried out. Each work station got a full make-over, backups were put in place and a monthly health report was sent to us from Groupsupport.
A new multi-function machine was installed so that printing, scanning etc. was now so much easier. All faxes were received straight to our email accounts and scanning was so quick, just scan and send straight to the staff members email address. Everything was so much faster and efficient. Ongoing downtime was no longer an issue.
Going forward – We were all confident to ring Groupsupport if we had any IT/computer issues that we could not sort out our self. There was always a staff member that was able to assist us over the phone and on-site support was available with in 24 hours if we needed it. The technicians always took the time to explain things clearly to us in a way that we could understand, and importantly, learn from.
The new Owner had 100% confidence that the system was working efficiently. If there was a problem with our server or back up system, generally, Groupsupport had rang us to tell us before we were even aware there was a problem. They are very proactive in their approach to maintaining our system.
If you think your system can’t be saved, or would cost you too much to upgrade, don’t be afraid to ring Groupsupport and ask for their opinion. Like me, you might be surprised.


“Peter and the team at GroupSupport have help me integrate new computer systems and technologies to assist with my business. My systems are largely quieter, faster and more efficient now that I have utilised their services.
They have positively impacted the operations of my office. I have found them pleasant, happy to help and no question was left unanswered. I am not a tech savvy person and they have embraced my limited understanding by giving me clear and informative information that I can easily absorb. They have made me fully aware of what needed to be done and how it is going to work and operate in the future. They have my full confidence moving forward as a new client. I would definitely continue to use their ongoing services.”

Alecia Kidman
Kidman Conveyancing Services

Your support guys are tremendous, understanding and calm. They know what they are doing and explain things well. They speak our language and the complaints from staff has stopped. Completely! I don't know why we didn't do this sooner!

KP - CEO (2018),

Thank you so much for the extra efforts yesterday.
The website is displaying correctly on the priority items including the notes and add to cart on the master (great work again).
Our Custom feature FMB is functioning and looking better every day with your expertise really shining in this area.
There's more work to come, but for the moment: Once again great work!!

JC, Web Project Coordinator (2018)